The Super Bowl is one of the most American events there is, and because it's this coming weekend, we've got American food on the brain. American food is made up of infinite categories with massively varied influences and evolutions across the country, but one thing that especially springs to mind is diner classics - the type of food we all read about in Archie comics and ate while on road trips.

Here are some at-home interpretations of the best of the best classic diner food, like thin, juicy cheeseburgers, home fries, milkshakes, grilled cheeses and pancakes. Make a diner feast at home!

Smash Cheeseburger from Bon Appetit. The name comes from the action of pressing the meat down onto a hot pan, getting lots of sear and crispiness and a super-quick cook. Serve it on a bun with whatever condiments you'd find at a rest stop: ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickles, onions, maybe a little hot sauce, but nothing too fancy. Keep it simple.

Home Fries from The Kitchen Whisperer. These will be the perfect accompaniment to some sunny side up eggs and crispy bacon.

American Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Betty Crocker. This recipe is as simple as it gets. Don't skimp on the butter, pretend you're working the grill at your favorite diner and the results will be stupendous.

Copycat Diner Pancakes from Real Life Dinner. This super simple recipe makes the classic, perfect diner-style, stackable pancakes. Serve with table syrup and a pat of butter.

Malted Milk Chocolate Shake from Smells Like Home. Thick and super chocolaty, this is the quintessential milkshake recipe, and it includes how to make the malted milk syrup that makes this shake so much more than just milk and ice cream.

Crank some Elvis and indulge in one - or all - of these amazing dishes.