Qatar first ever home-grown car made quite a splash during the country's annual Falit Qatar Motor Show. The vehicle not only impressed with its flashy design, but it also revealed a budding car-manufacturing ambition, which leans toward the futuristic and the bold.

Dubbed the Elibriea, the vehicle is being touted as a stealth-jet supercar. It uses carbon fiber composite technologies, which are said to allow the vehicle to fully take advantage of the 536-horsepower V6 engine provided by General Motors. The goal is to build a lightweight, eco-friendly car that yields no compromise in terms of performance, Elibrea Automotive said in a Daily Mail report.

Watch the video footage below to see more about the car's design:

The Elibriea was built based on the idea of Abdul Wahab Ziaullah, an alumnus of Texas A&M University. The concept was the subject of his undergraduate study and was eventually built through the sponsorship of the Ali Bin Ali Group.

The car's design is certainly not the best, recalling inspirations from the film Transformers and even a stealth fighter jet. Some even gwemt further by calling it downright ugly, according to Jalopnik. However, there are good ideas present, considering that it is a product of an undergraduate project.

Ziaullah is reportedly working on another project called Equvallas, which is a lightweight sports car that is purportedly more impressive than the Elibriea with an engine that will produce 800 horespower. The Qatari Minister of Transport and Communications, Jassim bin Saif Ahmed Al Sulaiti, was reported to have visited the motor show and praised the vehicle, along with the 37 others on display, the Gulf Digital News reported.