Volvo has been known for developing innovative technologies such as the kangaroo avoidance system for its cars being sold in Australia. Now, the Swedish automaker promises to unveil a "deathproof car" by the year 2020.

Volvo is reportedly collecting data on car accidents, injuries and fatalities around the world. The company is building on this information to develop a smart car that will know what to do in the event of a crash. The company also plans to integrate its existing proprietary smart car features in order to achieve zero deaths.

For example, Volvo is highlighting its current lane assistance technology to explain its objective. This feature relies on several cameras and sensors to monitor lanes in order to detect and alert the driver if the vehicle begins drifting, Extreme Tech reported. It appears that Volvo learned that one of the major causes of car accidents stem from drivers dozing off and getting distracted while driving.

Volvo's deathproof car also seem to rely on several technologies outfitted in autonomous vehicles such as collision avoidance, pedestrian detection and adaptive cruise control. By entrusting vehicle control to the car's computer, obstacles are easily detected and avoided, preventing deaths in the process.

"With the development of full autonomy we are going to push the limits of automotive safety," Erik Coelingh, Volvo safety engineer, said in a CNN report. "Because if you make a fully autonomous vehicle you have to think through everything that potentially can happen with a car."