The Facebook Messenger app just got a lot more popular, as Facebook has announced that more than 800 people use the app each month, according to PC Magazine.

The number of Messenger users has grown exponentially in the last six months, rising from 100 million to 800 million, according to USA Today. This jump has many thinking positively about the upcoming year.

The 800 million Messenger users have helped Facebook reach almost 1 billion consumers, Mashable reported. This also includes users of the Facebook app itself.

The 2014 acquisition of WhatsApp has also helped Facebook's user base grow, with the app being used by more than 900 million people.

And the company isn't stopping anytime soon.

"We're seeing a paradigm shift in how people engage. At Messenger we're thinking about how we can help you interact with businesses or services to buy items (and then buy more again), order rides, purchase airline tickets, and talk to customer service in truly frictionless and delightful ways. It is so much easier to do everything in one place that has the context of your last interactions, as well as your identity - no need to ever login - rather than downloading apps that you'll never use again and jumping around from one app to another," said David Marcus, Facebook's vice president of messaging.

An average of more than 45 billion messages are sent every day through Facebook-owned apps and websites. These include Messenger, WhatsApp, and Facebook itself.