Winter fashion is quite challenging for the curvy girl as layering bulky, thick clothes and sweaters for warmth could mess up one's style. Having the right pieces to keep your look in check is the key to looking fabulous, according to The Curvy Fashionista. Below are a few figure-flattering tricks that plus size women can incorporate in their wardrobe this winter:

1) No to the poncho, yes to the cardigan.

While both exude a Boho vibe, opting for a cardigan will look better on a curvy body because you can layer it above a plain top. Keep the cardigan open so that it defines your shape. Ponchos will only hide your curves and make you look like a big blob. Add a skinny belt to your open cardigan for more shape definition and to show off your waistline, per Women Outfits.

2) Invest in good, thick tights.

Instead of layering thin tights with socks to keep you warm, wear thicker tights that have been manufactured with the latest fabric innovation for function, heat retention and appearance, according to Telegraph. Your pair also needs to have the right elasticity that's snug enough on your legs, but not too tight that it leads to chafing.

3) Embrace the crop sweatshirt.

Crop tops are trendy and it would be wrong to think curvy girls can't be caught wearing it because it's actually a hot look no matter what the size! Wear a crop sweater with a high-waisted bottom if you're a bit concerned about showing some skin, according to Gurl.

4) Choose a waist-defining coat.

Wear a coat that doesn't hide your waist, but enhances it. Trench coats with belts are great. Stay away from skater coats or anything loose and shapeless that will make you look boxy.

5) Tuck in big sweaters.

There's a right way to tuck big sweaters. You don't have to do it all the way around your waist. Instead, just pick a patch on the front side that's about the size of your palm and then insert it in your pants. This will create a semi-train at the back of your body, but will give you shape and flatter your figure, per Refinery29.