In some cases, the "merry" month of December is a myth. For both single people and attached couples, the holidays can cause tension, stress and discomfort. Then, there are the introverts who usually dread the many parties and social gatherings this time of the year. If you belong to the latter type, below are some suggestions to surviving the holidays:

1) Stick to your routines.

Introverts value alone time and even with a busy social schedule this December, you don't really have join every party to which you are invited. Determine the non-negotiables in your usual routines, whether it's a yoga class or a pampering at the spa, and don't feel guilty about declining invites. You'll need this to keep a calm balance in these stressful times, according to Pure Wow.

2) Find out who's going to be at the party.

If you know who will be there ahead of time, then it can perhaps alleviate your agitation about going to the event. You'll have some idea of the type of interaction you can expect and you won't feel pressured about talking to strangers, since you're likely to have an "ally" in the party.

3) Plan a comfortable wardrobe.

If you're wearing comfortable clothes and shoes to the party, you're bound to feel more confident, according to Mind Body Green. You're also not likely to stress over the little kinks, like wondering if anyone will notice your tight shoes are squeaking.

4) Keep alcohol drinking to a minimum.

Drinking one or two glasses could help you feel at ease around a crowd, but take care not to overindulge and know your limits. You could end up unintentionally lashing out at your boss at the office party. "It's easy to do something outrageous when you have had too much to drink," said etiquette expert Barbara Pachter, via Independent.

5) Mind the small talk.

Make conversations light with simple statements and simple questions. A good starter would be asking a guest you just met how they know the hosts. "It's a great conversation starter because it's an open-ended question - it can't be answered with one word," said author Debra Fine, via Redbook Magazine. Additionally, chit chat can drive the direction of your conversations into more engaging dialogues. You could actually end up making a new potential lifelong friend at the party!