An innovative DJ has created a way for deaf children to enjoy music using their other senses, according to the Daily Mail.

DJ Dimitri Hadjichristou started out making a project to help people enjoy music beyond just listening as part of his graduate studies at the University of Edinburgh. But he soon realized that his invention had much more potential, and now his device is helping deaf children experience music in their own way.

His device, the Vi, uses a tube with beads inside connected to a speaker. The beads inside the glass tube rattle and bounce around, making sounds and creating a visually interesting scene. Kids can control the Vi using multicolored synthesizers which can add effects and distort the sounds being made, according to FastCoDesign.

"As the product is for children it had to be childish in its design," said Hadjichristou about the colored synthesizers. "This is why the casings share similar qualities to the likes of other toys such as Lego."

The kids can also touch the Vi and feel the vibrations brought on by the sounds and bouncing balls.

"The funnel shape was purely dictated by the need for the ball-bearings to fall back into the center of the speaker," said Hadjichristou. "Later on I also decided I liked the shape as it resembled the projection of sound."