The holiday season is a popular time for popping the question and more than a quarter of engagements take place between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day, according to Jewelry Rise. Perhaps because the season is filled with celebrations among friends and families, couples choose this to be the right time to announce their marriage plans.

If you're one of those planning to ask your partner's hand in marriage this holiday, you might want to consider going over these few tips first to avoid any mistakes:

1) Be sure you know if your bride-to-be actually wants a public proposal.

Popping the question in front of many witnesses might sound like a grand romantic idea, but the biggest blunders have happened in these affairs. She might prefer this to be an intimate and private proposal rather than a large spectacle in front of family and guests, according to Brides. So, before you do get down on your knee, discreetly find out what she really wants.

2) Seek the help of friends, family members.

Who else knows what your future brides' wedding plans are but her closest allies - her best friend, her sister or her mother? Let them in on your big secret, but be sure to only ask enough "conspirators" so that the secret doesn't spill.

3) Don't forget the engagement ring.

Proposing to your partner empty-handed is the biggest mistake you can make. However, if you're still unsure about the engagement ring and perhaps you'd like her to have some input, pick from a jeweler that offers an exchange policy, according to The Knot. Additionally, you should have the ring insured in case it gets lost or stolen, according to Yahoo Style.

4) Never put the ring under the Christmas tree.

If you're planning to propose on Christmas day, you should get a decoy box instead. "None of my clients have ever done this, but I'm sure there's some bonehead out there that's just dropped the ring box under the tree beforehand and ruined the surprise," said Sarah Pease from The Proposal Expert in the Yahoo report. "You've got to get your partner at least one other thing, even if it's small or even a decoy, so she has a gift from you under the tree."

5) Keep calm and wait for the right moment.

Is there tension at the Thanksgiving table between some relatives? Has your girlfriend had too much bubbly? Have you had too much alcohol yourself? Before you pop the question, make sure that the conditions are perfect, as this will be a proposal she will be telling friends about over and over. It might be a good idea to postpone the whole thing if there are any indications the moment will be ruined.