We all know house cats love a box or a paper bag. Just set an empty box on the floor and let the hunting begin. It's like giving a 2-year-old child a cool toy in a box at Christmas. Once the toy is unwrapped, the child becomes enamored with the empty box instead. It's a box thing, we can't explain it.

But what happens when you give them to big cats, and by big cats we mean lions, tigers and leopards. Do they also enjoy a cardboard box? Is this a cat thing? Watch and see as the fun people at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Fla. do just that. Each of their big cats gets a big cardboard box, and what they do with them is magical, according to The Dodo.

It's hard to pick a favorite from the video. Ares and Orion the mountain lions make a play fort out of it and enjoy their huge box together. Leopards Armani and Jade are leapers and leap in and out, and the tigers just shred their box. Jumanji the black leopard works his in an upcycle fashion until it is just like he likes it, and then climbs in to enjoy his new box-bed.

Joseph the lion works his all over his pen, moving it everywhere, and then flattens it and uses it as a box-mat. Cutie Raindance the bobcat figures his out and enjoys the new napping pod, and Rusty is stunning as he climbs in and surveys his kingdom from his new home.

Kitty cats and boxes are unanimously enjoyed.