"Witches of East End" has aired two episodes so far and although I'm not overly excited about Lifetime's new show, it does have some intriguing factors. There are a few things I took away from these episodes.

One of the first things that popped into my head was the glaring comparisons to "Charmed" and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch". The family of witches with unknown superpower potential and a secret book of spells just screamed "Charmed". However, the two sisters who must be mentored by their mother and aunt point to "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." (Not to mention the black cat.) Nevertheless, the show has more than enough originality. (As original as you can get when being based on a book.) The mom who is cursed with perpetual pregnancy is a nice touch. Add that to the daughters who come back to life with a blanked memory, the aunt who turns into a cat and actually has nine lives and the fact someone is trying to kill them, makes for an original plot.

Also, each of the four women add something different to the show. Julia Ormond's Joanna Beauchamp is the cautious and protective mother who now has the burden of teaching her daughters magic for the umpteenth time. Jenna Dewan-Tatum's Freya is the more outgoing than her sister Ingrid and knew she (meaning Freya) was psychic all along. Rachel Boston's Ingrid is shy and timid but may be the most powerful witch in the family. Mädchen Amick's Wendy is more of a rebel than her sister Joanna, with which she has a complicated past.

The show also gives you a love triangle with Dash Gardiner (Eric Winter), Freya, and Dash's brother Killian Gardiner (Daniel Di Tomasso). This provides a little something for the shippers out there.

"Witches of East End" airs Sundays at 10/9c on Lifetime

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