Woodstock co-founders take the slang "hanging with my peeps" to a whole new level. Their "peeps" are the residents of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in High Falls, N.Y., more specifically the many chickens that reside at the sanctuary. These are lucky chickens whose lives were slated for a terrible fate, but as luck does tend to change sometimes, boy did theirs.

Happy chickens equal happy people. See the giggles and smiles these cuties bring as their caretakers enjoy the simple life, the zen moments where it's just you and your peeps, chilling.

Chickens are funny, and fun. It seems to surprise people that they are great pets when allowed to be chickens. And these silly, willy chickens sure bring their fun to the party. After a long stressful day, unwind by hanging with your peeps and enjoy their antics and entertaining nature, chirps The Dodo.

Chickens are comediansCo-Founders Jenny and Doug had a crazy, stressful morning and needed some chicken time to chill out. Mission: accomplished.

Posted by Woodstock Farm Sanctuary on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Woodstock Sanctuary started off in the famed Woodstock area but moved this year to High Falls as more space was needed to help more "peeps" and their peeps, the neglected, abandoned, abused and rescued farm animals lucky enough to get to live in this farm animal paradise. Of course, with the move they kept the name, as it's fitting, says Woodstock.