If you believe in the paranormal, then you're likely to subscribe to the idea that ghosts exist among us. Whether staged for a party or done on whim and a dare by friends, ghost hunting will be at an all-time high this Halloween. Do you know that there are apps you can use to check if these creatures exist?

Singer Selena Gomez has one on these apps on her phone, according to a recent interview on "The Tonight Show." She swears by Ghost Hunter M2 and admits she believes ghosts exist. She proceeded to demonstrate how the app works to the show's host Jimmy Fallon, and it indicated that there were ghosts of children inside the studio. Watch the video of Gomez below.

The app Gomez uses is one of the best, as you can ask the ghosts questions and record everything that's going on, according to Forbes.

Here are four other apps you can install on your phone to use at possible haunted areas to check for ghosts:

1) Haunted House
Before you go on a ghost hunt, you'll need to find a place first, and this app claims to have the most comprehensive database. To heighten the mood when you're out busting ghosts, you may turn on any of the background music choices featured in the app.

2) Ghost Locator
This is one of the simplest apps to operate and comes with the nifty feature Ghost Herald, which publicizes ghost stories regularly. If you click on the indicator, it will also tell you details about the ghost, such as its age and cause of death.

3) Ghost Radar
This app can communicate with unknown beings, but its operation is simpler than the M2. If it spots a presence, the green dot will turn red. Don't be surprised if you hear random words from it — those are supposedly messages from the ghosts.

4) Ghost Observer
This is a free app, which displays presence not as dots or lights like the other apps, but as actual spirits on your phone's screen. For an additional cost, you can get a translation feature.