Among the ingredients found in nail polish are harmful chemicals like toluene, dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde. While many brands indicate that their products are free of these toxic substances thanks to reinvention, one mother with a daughter who loves trying polish on and licks her fingers was still concerned.

"She loves doing everything by herself so when she saw me painting my nails a couple years back she naturally wanted to do the same thing - herself," said the mom, Audrey Amara, via Mashable. "When I saw what was in nail polish, even nail polish for kids, there was no way I was giving her nail polish of any kind."

So, Amara developed her own brand of nail polish using vegetable and fruit as ingredients and called this Kid Licks.

Amara is not a food scientist or a product developer, but in her desire to come up with a kid-friendly nail product, she and her husband experimented with different combinations in their own kitchen. They did consult with chemists and food safety experts to come up with a three-flavored nail polish collection: Sour Carrot Orange, Beet Red and Barley Grass Green, according to PSFK.

Kid Licks nail polish applies and dries like regular nail polish, but it can be easily removed by washing and scrubbing with soap and water, according to Refinery 29. While it's primarily for kids, adults who are allergic to chemicals can also have fun with Kid Licks.

Amara also said they are planning on developing other beauty products minus the irritants next.