Doug the Pug is at it again. This time, he has recreated Justin Bieber's famous photo shoots. With 36,000 Twitter followers and 2.5 million Facebook followers, you are probably already following the mushy-faced phenom, but if you aren't, then you are missing out.

Doug the Pug is a 3-year-old pug with personality! The often-celebrated photogenic has looks that make a girl pug swoon. And when he does his photo shoots, well, the results are pure magic. He recently donned a blonde wig and did Taylor Swift, reported People Pets. But now, it's time for Doug the Pug to pay homage to Bieber.

Doug the Pug has the cajones to pose in his Calvin Klein's underwear aboard a yacht, just like Bieber. You be the judge on who looks the best per shot.

So Bieber has finally made it, Sugar Scape noted, as the true measure is when your best photo shoots are recreated by someone of Doug's stature.

And that Doug, well we cannot get enough of him and nor can the folks at The Huffington Post. He is THAT good, he has that x factor, that charisma, and he puts the WOW in everything he does.

Let's hope there aren't any unauthorized full frontal videos of Doug the Pug. That would be just downright embarrassing.