Fans of the 1995 Terry Gilliam movie "Twelve Monkeys" didn't quite know what to expect when it was announced that SyFy of all networks would be adapting the film for a television series. Yet those that tuned in to the first season were likely pleasantly surprised. No, the series doesn't share the movie's eerie tone that resonated so well with fans 20 years ago. But it is an incredibly enjoyable time travel romp with fun and wonky space-time plot lines and a few standout characters.

However, "12 Monkeys" may not always be so fun and carefree. For those that have seen the movie (SPOILER ALERT), you know that Bruce Willis' James Cole dies in the end. It was a bold story telling move, killing off your main character, but one that was well received.

Could showrunner Terry Matalas end his show in a similar fashion?

"We know what the last moment of the show will be," Matalas told media members at New York Comic Con this week. "We have a definitive target in place. It's very emotional and it's going to make everyone cry."

Matals would never come right out and spoil his own show, but his comments do paint a picture of a rather grim ending. The TV veteran is no stranger to killing off important characters (see: "Nikita") and, admittedly, the tactic has become a popular tool for popular television shows ("LOST," "The Sopranos," "The X-Files" sort of).

Does any of this mean Aaron Stanford's Cole is a dead man walking? No, no explicitly. But that would follow the line same line of thinking of the well-received original film and it would definitely make loyal fans "cry."

Season two of "12 Monkeys" will return in April and will be set in a handful of different time periods.