Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman has placed a $100 million bounty on Donald Trump, promising a reward to anyone who can bring the business mogul before him dead or alive.

Prior to his July escape, El Chapo was highly vocal for his disdain towards Trump after hearing his tirade about Mexican immigrants, reported Fresh Hot Stuff. He reportedly often spoke about murdering Trump and allegedly found pleasure in masterminding an assassination.

Informants close to El Chapo report that he was offended and furious with Trump's racist allegations and plans of building a wall dividing the United States and Mexico.

"He was mad. He wants Donald Trump dead and will pay any amount of money if meant he could have Donald Trump's head," said an unnamed inmate, according to Most Extreme News.

Despite the threats, Trump has continued to campaign — though he has done so under the protection of a beefed up security team and a bulletproof vest.

El Chapo, infamous for his short stature and multiple prison breaks, broke out of Mexico's maximum security prison Altoplano on July 9, reported TMZ. Following his escape, a $3 million bounty was placed on him for his recapture, though that number was increased to $5 million in early August.