Today is National Butterfly and Hummingbird Day. Wow, what a lot of happiness there. It might as well be rainbows and sunshine day, or bubblegum and smiles day. But instead, we celebrate two incredible little creatures today that you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't like either. Just the mention of their species brings a smile.

So to honor the day of sweetness inspired by these little fluttery garden delights, the National Wildlife Federation is having their annual #teambutterfly versus #teamhummingbird contests for social media. We know it's impossible, but pick your favorite and use that hashtag to announce your choice on your social media pages.

There are 24,000 species of butterflies, and butterfly likeness has been found on Egyptian frescoes dating back 3500 years, according to the Biodiversity Heritage Library. 

Butterfly and hummingbird's sheer beauty in the garden can be mesmerizing. Watching a butterfly flutter from flower to flower, or revel in the amazing speed, size and acrobatic nature of that little hummingbird as he enjoys a drink from the fountain, is a delight for the senses.

Having a hummingbird feeder to entice the little hummingbirds is easy to do and very rewarding. Whether you place it in the garden or on an apartment balcony, if you put out a feeder, a hummingbird or two will come. Just ask YouTuber Hummingbird Haven, from Northern New Mexico. he shared this video of the hundred plus he gets at his feeders:

They just pack so much awesomeness per square inch, says Keep in Calendars, who cannot bear to stop for a moment and watch them hard at work, pollinating the flowers and fruits.

Celebrate our little winged friends today. Smile and stop for just a zen-like moment the next time you see these beauties.