A paroled Ohio bank robber has led police straight to him for his recent heist when he posted pictures of himself with the large wads of cash he allegedly stole, according to Inside Edition. John Mogan, 28, and his girlfriend Ashley Duboe, 24, have been charged with robbery in the bank heist of the Savings Bank in Ashville, Ohio on Aug. 24.

The heavily-tattooed Mogan was wearing makeup to cover up his tell-tale tattoos, in addition to an oversized hoodie, all captured on video surveillance.

Just four days after the robbery, police officials say the couple posted pictures on their joint Facebook account with large stacks of cash. Mogan then posted pictures of himself with a huge roll of cash in his mouth on Aug. 31.

Following up on several leads after the robbery, the police were getting nowhere until a tip came in to Central Ohio Crime Stoppers. The tip led police officials to Mogan and his photos, breaking the case wide open.

This isn't Mogan's first bank robbery. He was recently released from prison for the July 2010 Fairfield National Bank branch heist in which he was accompanied by a female then as well, Inquisitr noted. Mogan was on parole for that robbery when he was arrested for this newest one.

Mogan and Duboe have been charged with third degree robbery and theft, a fifth degree felony, according to Opposing Views. Officials say that Mogan faces at least four years in prison.