A large, bright meteor-like fireball was seen shooting across the sky in northern Bangkok at approximately 8:40 a.m. on Monday, according to The Bangkok Post.

A dashboard camera captured the moment as the bright ball of fire streaked across, briefly illuminating the skies of the Thai capital for a few seconds, much like a shooting star.

Several dash-cam videos were uploaded to social media shortly after the incident, clearly showing the fiery object bursting in descent before it increases in size and then burns out, CNN reported.

While the fireball could have been a meteorite, there is a possibility that the object could also have been space junk or debris falling from the sky, according to Saran Poshyachina, deputy director of the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand Saran Pashyachina.

"The photo of the white smoke that has been shared a lot is in fact the train of smoke of a meteor," said Worawit Tanwutthibundit, an astronomer working at the Chachoengsao Observatory, according to The Matichon. "The public need not be concerned. This is a normal phenomenon."

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Posted by Nipon Ployngarm on Sunday, 6 September 2015