With the 2016 presidential race in full swing and lots of people still on the fence in regards to some of the candidates, in comes a dark horse — or a border collie to be exact. There's a Boone County official who's ready to toss her name into the race, according to the Kentucky New Era: Miss Lucy Lou of Rabbit Hash, Ky., is expected to throw her hat into the ring later this week — and, yes, she is a dog!

Lucy Lou is no stranger to politics, she is currently serving her second term as the mayor of Rabbit Hash — a position she's held since 2008.

That's right, the 315 people that reside in Rabbit Hash have had a dog as their mayor for the last seven years, according to the Huffington Post.

She has actually spent more time in politics than GOP candidate Donald Trump. But does that make her more qualified? You be the judge.

"There will be much fanfare," said Bobbi Kayser, Lucy Lou's "chief executive of staff," owner and secretary of the Rabbit Hash Historical Society.

Lucy Lou was elected to office Nov. 4, 2008, the same date as President Barack Obama, according to USA Today. "An estimated 21.5 percent of local registered and unregistered voters swarmed the polls here in Rabbit Hash, Ky., for the 2008 mayoral election," explained Kayser about that year's election day. "Ten dogs, one cat, one opossum, one jackass and one human being vied for the ultimate position of political power in this small Ohio River community in Boone County."