An arrest has been made in the case of Kendra Hatcher, a well known Dallas dentist who was gunned down in her apartment building's parking garage.

Authorities have arrested 23-year-old Crystal Cortes and charged her with murder for her role in the dentist's death, according to NBC News.

In a police document, Cortes told police that she was paid $500 by an unidentified man to drive into Hatcher's parking garage to rob her, Fox News reported.

But many, including Hatcher's aunt Lisa Soto, are questioning her story.

"That's just not the way robberies happen. There was just no reason for a robber to kill her, to get whatever it was they took," said Soto.

There is also the question of why a person would pay $500 for the robbery of one individual, not to mention the shooter's identity and whether Hatcher was specifically targeted.

After authorities released security footage in the parking lot asking for any information, one person came forward to say that the black Jeep in the video was theirs and that they lent it to Cortes, leading them to make an arrest, according to ABC News.

Police have not yet determined a connection between Cortes and 35-year-old Hatcher.

She is being held on a $250,000 bail.