Judge Andrew Napolitano said Wednesday on Fox News' "Hannity" that several emails he read from Hillary Clinton's private server cache show that the former secretary of state revealed the location of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Libya, as well as the location of fighter jets during NATO bombing runs.

"She denied that there were any classified documents on her email system or server," host Sean Hannity said, to which Napolitano responded, "Well she cannot deny that any longer."

Hannity noted that investigators recently examined 40 of Clinton's emails and found that four were classified at the time Clinton sent them. "That in and of itself, is that not a violation of the law, or is it?" Hannity asked.

"It absolutely is," Napolitano responded, "but it's worse than that."

"I saw emails, not the ones that the inspectors general saw, I saw emails that have been revealed under the Freedom of Information Act. And in them, she is discussing the location of French fighter jets during the NATO bombardment of Libya, how big the no fly zone is, where the no fly zones are, and are you ready for this? - the location of Ambassador Stevens, who of course was murdered, in Libya."

"If that is not classified, if she didn't think that was classified, she has no business being in public office," he said.

It was recently revealed that the FBI is conducting a criminal probe into Clinton's exclusive use of an unsecured private email account and home-based server during her tenure as secretary of state. The bureau hopes to find to what extent the Democratic 2016 presidential front-runner relied on the system to send and store classified documents, reported The New York Post.

A number of security experts, and even former CIA Director Michael Morell, have said that Clinton's server was almost certainly compromised by hackers and numerous foreign government, as HNGN reported.

"I think that foreign intelligence services, the good ones, have everything on any unclassified network that the government uses," Morell said.

Napolitano continued: "What Mrs. Clinton did, by transferring and moving classified information through a non-classified venue, that's a felony for each piece of information she passed through."

By using the private server and unilaterally deleting some 30,000 emails without independent third-party oversight, Napolitano said he thinks Clinton was trying "to whitewash part of her tenure as secretary of state, something that the statutes were written to prevent her from doing."

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