Naveen Andrews startled TV reporters on Tuesday when he revealed that during his six seasons on "Lost" playing the former Iraqi Republican Guard, Sayid Jarrah, he had never actually seen the ABC series.

"I never watched 'Lost,'" Andrews told reporters during the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

The British native later admitted that he had watched some of his scenes, but complete episodes.

"I shot the show and obviously you see what you shot when you do ADR of course," he told Headlines & Global exclusively. "I mean, you read the scripts, but I never actually sat down and watch the show."

Andrews earn a Golden Globe and Emmy nomination for his role on the show, which finished its run in 2010. He's still not racing to catch up on the show (or any project he stars in), but he hasn't entirely ruled out watching it either.

"Maybe 20 years from now," he said.

Check out the rest of our interview with Andrews talking about his latest Netflix series, "Sense8," and what he thinks about the legacy of "Lost."

Netflix is renowned for people binge watching. Would you personally binge watch "Sense8?"

I should say that at Lana [Wachowski's] house, we watched all the episodes in one go. All together as a group so I was forced to watch it. Whether I liked it or not. But it was good. It made me appreciate the complexity of it. By episode four or five, to me, was like reading a novel. Depending on how you approach a novel, for me, unless it's something like 'Lolita' or 'A Clockwork Orange,' I tend not to just steam through a novel. I'll savor it if I can. Maybe that's what the audience does with this kind of paradigm, because what's being created here, they have the opportunity to take it in slowly as well.

What do you think of the people who tend to watch Netflix shows a binge watcher?

Well, just the fact that they have the tools in having that choice is incredible. I think it changes audience perception of how they take the work in. I was thinking back to like the 1960s where you had a [television] drama done by Dennis Potter in England, how people would be talking about them after, it's almost like that just because it's a new of processing the art.

What other projects do you have coming up?

Hopefully we'll find out about a season two [for "Sense8"] and then I'll be able to decide about other things. It's all dependent on this.

So you'd like to come back and do a second season?

Of course, we want to see how much further they can take this because in my opinion, I try to be involved in things that have a point to them. I don't like pointless rubbish. It's like you're actually trying to change the medium. I felt 'Lost' did that in some way 10 years ago.

"Lost" also has many devoted fans. Do you still have people coming up and asking you about the show?

Yes and deservedly so as I feel that about the show that it has a weight and depth that is unusual.

The first season of "Sense8" and "Lost: The Complete Series" are both streaming on Netflix.