Newly appointed Philadelphia Phillies Manager (and Hall of Fame infielder) Ryne Sandberg is the latest to speak out aboutt he use of performance enhancing drugs in baseball. Some who have voiced their opinion believe drug policy violators should be kicked out of the game forever. While Sandberg doesn’t believe the current system is sufficient, his suggestion is slightly more lenient than a life sentence.

According to Sandberg said the players should be suspended two-to-three years.

"The message can't get much clearer that drugs don't belong in baseball and don't belong in sports," said Sandberg, according to the website. "Every time baseball takes a hit, it is another step backwards in what needs to be done. I personally think the punishment and penalties need to be much stiffer than that. If you have a guy who tests positive and he has to sit out two to three years, that is a little different ballgame."

The 53-year old manager played 15 seasons with the cubs and won the National league MVP in 1984.

"The testing is aggressive and it seems to work, but the message can't get out there any clearer that [steroids] don't belong in baseball," Sandberg continued.

The Phillies manager and other believe the current system isn’t enough. Here is the current penalty for P.E.D. users:

--1st Time Offense—50 game suspension.

--2nd Time Offense—100 game suspension

--3rd Time Offense –Lifetime suspension

The P.E.D conversation heated up in early August after a number of players were suspended in connection with the Biogenesis scandal. Most of the players received 50 game suspensions. Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun received a 65-game suspension and will sit out the rest of the season. New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodrigiuez was given a 211-game suspension but is still playing since he is appealing the suspension.