Bobby Jindal isn't the most popular guy in Louisiana, but the governor has fans in one of the state's most noticeable families.

Members from the Robertson family, who are featured on A&E's "Duck Dynasty," recently endorsed Jindal, a Republican, for the upcoming 2016 presidential election.

Appearing alongside his wife Jessica on FOX411's morning show, Jep Robertson said that Jindal, whose approval rating in March was a nation-low 27 percent, is a "very good man" that they both support.

"I definitely would vote for him. He's a very, very good man," Jep Robertson said. "We've gotten to chat with him several times, kind of just talking, he's a great dude ... he's very transparent, has a great family, so yeah I'd definitely give him my vote."

Jep's older brother Willie Robertson is also a fan of Jindal, who was elected governor of Louisiana in 2008.

"I've been talking a lot with Bobby Jindal, who is our governor. Bobby is a good friend of ours. He and his wife are good friends of Korie and [mine]. He has been on our television show. Anybody that comes down and has been on an episode of 'Duck Dynasty,' obviously is the frontrunner in my book," Willie Robertson said on the same network back in May. "Bobby is a great man, he's a godly man I'm the kind of guy who likes smart people ... and that guy's one of the smartest people I've ever met."

Jindal, according to MSNBC, has long reciprocated the love, as the governor was on "Duck Dynasty" two seasons ago.

"Jindal appears midway through the episode and plays basketball with the guys in the warehouse. One employee wagers a ride on Air Force One if Jindal doesn't make a free throw shot. (Jindal makes the shot, saving everyone from having to explain that as the governor of Louisiana, Jindal does not have free access to the president's airplane.)"

Jindal officially announced his run for the White House last week.