Hisao Mitani and his giant African tortoise Bon-chan take daily walks around the streets of downtown Tokyo, getting international attention with their viral photos and videos.

The unusual pre-historic pet of this 62-year-old funeral parlor owner was given to him by his wife 20 years ago. Bon-chan is named after the festival of Obon, during which the pet was brought to their home, The Guardian reported.

The 70kg reptile eats fruit and vegetables and is kept in a wooden enclosure designed by Mitani, The Telegraph reported. This African tortoise could live up to 150 years, which means that Mitani and Bon-chan still have more years of being together.

"He's becoming a little selfish so he tries to go on different walk paths than the usual one and he tries to develop new paths, so that's a little bothersome," Mitani said regarding his pet.

Mitani believes that Bon-chan could give comfort to those who avail of his funeral parlor services.

"When families who are sad come to our store and see Bon-chan, they have a moment when they smile and I think that's nice," Mitani said.