It was just confirmed by Etihad, an Abu Dhabi-based airline company that U.S.-bound passengers can already take their laptop and other electronic devices with them inside the aircraft. This followed after the U.S. already lifted its ban on electronic devices on its flights from Abu Dhabi to the said country.

It can be recalled that last March, the U.S. banned all electronic devices larger that mobile phones inside the aircraft most especially in the passenger cabins of direct flights to the country from 10 airports in North Africa, Turkey and the Gulf. If passengers are carrying with them these said devices, it is the duty of the said airline companies to check on them.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Etihad made an official announcement that all passengers can already take their electronic devices with them while on board U.S. flights from Abu Dhabi. Aside from the US Immigration officer checking on the passenger's documents before flying to the U.S., the passengers can now take all the electronic devices on board the said flight.

Apart from Abu Dhabi, some passengers are also waiting for other airline companies to make the same announcement like Qatar Airways and Emirates. But until now, no confirmation from them has been received with regards to the lifting of the laptop ban in all U.S-bound flights.

It was also made known that Etihad keeps a 24% stake and share in the Jet Airways and Jet-Etihad has been considered as the largest group in terms of international market share. This airline also carries passengers in and out of India making it an important group in the international market too.

For Indian passengers, the U.S. has been considered as one of their important destinations and they have no choice but to take these airlines. That's why when the U.S. announced its laptop ban and all other related electronic devices on these flights, it greatly affected them.

Further, the Etihad also responded that it welcomed the decision of the US Department of Homeland Security to fully lift the electronic devices ban on flights from Abu Dhabi to America. This was confirmed after the conduct of a successful validation of security measures at the Abu Dhabi airport last July 2.