Latest reports on U.S. laptop ban claimed that the government was actually planning to unveil and present its improved security measures in order to prevent the extension and expansion of its laptop ban. This was announced by the US Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly just last Wednesday.

According to Kelly, the U.S government needed to apply and employ these measures in order to tighten the security. He also believes that the airline companies will company and adhere to this new screening. But he likewise assured that these improved measures are not the last step in tightening the security.

Because of this latest news in laptop ban, Reuters reported that airline companies need to perform enhanced screening of electronic devices, explosive detection, and passengers for all their commercial flights arriving in the United States every day. This replaced the possible extension of the laptop ban which also gained negative remarks previously.

It can be recalled that airline companies started to worry when U.S. announced that the laptop ban will be expanded and extended. This could cause serious logistical problems and issues and could even prevent any travel.

Meanwhile, for airlines which opted not to execute an enhanced security measures can face future in-cabin restrictions of these electronics. With this, each airline company was already ordered to perform increased explosive screening within 21 days while they have 120 days to execute other security measures including the screening of passengers.

Since the U.S. government proposed for this improved security measures, there is also a need for further enhancements like additional detection dogs, enhanced vetting of staff in the airport, and explosive trace detection screening. But since most passengers use laptops in flight, the airline companies started to fear that this expanded laptop ban can cut profits.

Moreover, the airline companies also claimed that if there are threats, these restrictions should also be applied to all EU departing flights and not just on U.S. bound flights. This was because they are more concerned about adding improved security measures to all airports which have direct flights to the U.S. than concentrating on airports here there are massive threats.