The state-of-the-art technology will be used for the first time on the carry-on luggage by American Airlines. This technology will enable scanning of the luggage at a faster pace and in a more accurate way and will improve the security system in the U.S airports.

American Airlines is planning to spend $6 million to improve the carry-on bag screening at several U.S airports. According to CNBC, the airline company is in the process of procuring 3-D screeners for the carry-on bags. The machines will be used in the airports once they are certified by the Transportation Security Administration. At present, the TSA is busy in analyzing the CT scanners which are built by Analogic (ALOG), a Massachusetts-based company.

The report further states that Kerry Philipovitch, the American Airlines Senior Vice President of Customer Experience has commented that they are always considering ways to improvise the services using technology and boost the global aviation security in order to improve the experience of the passengers of the airlines. Notably, the testing of the highly advanced 3-D bag screener is being carried on by the TSA at Phoenix.

It must be mentioned that the 3-D scanners will give a lot of advantages to the TSA agents by giving a better view of the potential problems that might be present in the bags of the passengers like explosives. However, the best thing about the 3-D scanner is that it can check the carry-on bags at twice speed of a normal screener.

The Department of Homeland Security is also into consideration to ban laptop for international flights because intelligence has said that it becomes easier for the terrorists to denote a bomb using use one or more laptops. As a result of this, safety measures have been beefed up for flights to the United States from certain countries.