The Trump administration's ban of laptops on commercial planes might see the inclusion of more countries as the administration is considering expansion of the prohibition imposed on electronic devises. Some European countries might be included in the list of the countries which will not be allowed to carry anything larger than a cell phone.

Some European countries might see its inclusion on the list of countries that will be barred from carrying a laptop, or rather anything larger than a cell phone. The Trump administration has been imposing prohibitions related to travelling with electronic devices like laptops in its effort to prevent the lithium batteries from exploding midair, Reuters reported.

If Trump administration expands its ban to include some European countries, US based airline companies like American Airlines Group, Delta Air Inc, and United Airlines are expected to be impacted. The European officials have said that they are awaiting announcement from the US Department of Homeland Security, but refused to state when the announcement is expected.

However, in similar news, a US Transportation Security Administration spokesperson has said that there are no forthcoming changes that are expected on the ban of electronic devices, Business Insider reported. The representative further added that the security directives are being regularly assesses, on the basis of intelligence reports. And, if there are further expansions on the ban, it would be in the interest of the travelers so that they have a safe flight.

It is worth mentioning here that it was in March that the US announced about the restrictions on laptops due to fears of a concealed bomb being varied onto the aircraft. And, the ban was imposed on flights that originated from Turkey, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This ban imposed by US was followed by Britain, which also imposed similar ban but on slightly different routes.