Blake Griffin and Paul Millsap are trending in the NBA free agency circuit and it is said that Denver Nuggets has set its eyes on the duo. The team is looking to add a power forward along with Nikola Jokic and this has enhanced the value of the two basketball stars.

Denver Nuggets has set its eyes on Blake Griffin and Paul Millsap in free agency. According to Sporting News, the team is eager to add a power forward along with Nikola Jokic and thus, it wants to acquire the two veteran players. The NBA free agency circuit is afloat with rumors regarding the interest of the Nuggets and it has helped to enhance the market value of Griffin and Millsap.

Sources say that Nuggets have plans to outdo other bidders and it could lead to interesting developments. This is because there is risk involved for both the parties. Nuggets would like to utilize Griffin to the maximum and it is tough as he has played in 67, 35 and 61 games in the last here years. As for Griffin, if he leaves Los Angeles Clippers, it means a deduction in his salary as it would go down from $175 million to $130 million.

The situation is equally complex for the 32-year-old Millsap as well. He is not as reliable as the 28-year-old Griffin when it comes to athleticism. Also, Nuggets have talked with the Atlanta Hawks and the Hawks seem to be looking for a solid bargain for trading off Paul Millsap.

From what has come out as of now, it does look like Nuggets have an edge in free agency and they are also ready to go for huge deals to boost their position. It is worth mentioning here that Cleveland Cavaliers have already negotiated with Indiana Pacers and Denver Nuggets for trade but it could not materialize and now all eyes are on Blake Griffin and Paul Millsap.