"Fast & Furious" may have become a blockbuster franchise over the years but actress Michelle Rodriguez is not happy with the treatment meted out to female characters in the films and has said that she would be forced to say goodbye to the franchise if the situation does not improve.

"Fast & Furious" actress Michelle Rodriguez is not satisfied with the treatment meted out to female characters in the franchise and she has indicated her displeasure through social media. According to The Guardian, the 38-year-old actress vented out her frustration on social media on Tuesday as she announced the digital release of the eighth installment of the franchise. Rodriguez shared some of her pictures from the franchise on Instagram and wrote that she hopes the "Fast & Furious" makers would show some love to the females in the next installment.

What is more, she warned that if it does not happen she would be forced to exit the franchise. Nevertheless, she did not forget to express her gratitude to the studio and the fans for the love they have shown all these years. Notably, Michelle Rodriguez has acted in five out of the eight films belonging to the "Fast & Furious" franchise and starred as street racer Leticia Ortiz aka Letty in the movies.

In fact, she spoke up about the unfair treatment last month as well in an interview, RollingStone claimed. She said that she had hoped that the "Fast & Furious" franchise would grow out of its 90s machismo vibe but it did not happen. Referring to the franchise, she said that she could count on her fingers how many scenes she had with Jordana, who plays sister to Vin Diesel in the franchise movies.

However, she also offered a solution to correct the situation. Michelle Rodriguez said that female writers should script the dialogues of the female characters as there are not enough males who understand the independent female voice. However, she did add that a guy should be given the responsibility of writing the overall "Fast & Furious" franchise as it is big, action-oriented, and fast-paced by nature.