Paul George may not move away from Indian Pacers to Los Angeles Lakers as fans had been thinking all this while due to his past declaration. The basketball player is said to have hinted at going to Cleveland Cavaliers on the condition that LeBron James also stays with Cavaliers.

Paul George may not say hello to Los Angeles Lakers as he had said he would and might go for Cleveland Cavaliers. According to Lakers Nation, Cavaliers may have moved in the direction of acquiring George as it is looking to get him from Indiana Pacers and this has been made possible by George himself. It is said that George has indicated his desire to go with the Cavaliers but on the condition that LeBron James also stays with the team.

Notably, Paul George had earlier made it clear that he would leave the Indiana Pacers to be with his hometown team Los Angeles Lakers by 2018 and was quite keen to do so. It is rumored that he had also guaranteed the Lakers to join it by summer but now things have taken a different turn. ESPN reporter Stephen A. Smith has said that George has spread the word that if LeBron decides to stay with Cleveland Cavaliers, he would also join the team and stay with him as long as he is with Cavaliers, Cavaliers Nation has learned.

This may be good news for Cavaliers but it is no less than a calamity for Los Angeles Lakers. They would have to trade Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson if they need a superstar like George. As for George, if what is being rumored is true then it only goes to show his eagerness to play alongside LeBron James irrespective of location. Last but not the least, this change of stand on Paul George's part may also encourage LeBron James to stay with Cleveland Cavaliers and not join any other team after the coming season.