Queen Elizabeth is said to get a raise but most o this money will be used to improve the Buckingham Palace. This raise is what is referred to as the Sovereign Grant and it was reported that it went up to £82 million or $105 million which also marked an 8% increase from last year.

According to BBC, most of this Sovereign Grant will be used for the maintenance of the Buckingham Palace as well as the salaries of the staff and official travel. Some reports were claiming that the raise was justified by what Queen Elizabeth has been doing for the country and that this represented a great value of money.

This so-called Sovereign Grant comes from the taxpayers; however, this will always be dependent on the Crown Estate's profits. This Crown Estate consists of wind farms, offices, residences, and shops and reports escalated that the estate's revenues rose to 8 percent this year.

It was also claimed that the raise was just timely since the renovation of the Buckingham Palace is in the works. The said renovation includes changing the pipes and boilers as well as reconstructing some of its parts in order to avoid building failure and protecting it from fire and flood.

However, some people in Britain were not happy with the increase that Queen Elizabeth is about to get. According to them, the timing was not good since it came after the tragedy that devastated Grenfell Tower due to fire which also resulted in 79 fatalities.

Perhaps, Queen Elizabeth is taking extra measures with regards to the Buckingham Palace as the said tragedy exposed dangerous infrastructure which was caused by combustible exterior paneling. Due to the fire, the margin between the rich and the poor in London was also exposed.

Meanwhile, reports were rife that Queen Elizabeth's increase will continue for about ten years which is also the duration of the renovation of the Buckingham Palace. Even if this issue raised eyebrows, some people still found reasonable causes for it.

Queen Elizabeth is still active when it comes to performing royal duties and public engagements despite her old age. This is also the reason why people deemed the increase as fit since she also represents the country well too.