Kate Middleton is said to be one lucky princess when she married Prince William most especially when the media revealed her relationship with the prince last 2003. But unknown to everyone, Kate is not actually called Kate behind palace doors and her family doesn't call her like that.

Ever since she attended St. Andrews with Prince William, her friends and classmates don't call her Kate but Catherine. Even with the "Kate Middleton effect" because of her influence in fashion, Prince William's wife is being called as Catherine.

According to Mail Online, people across the globe call the Duchess of Cambridge as Kate but to her close friends and family, she is Catherine. Despite her grand royal wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey last 2011, Kate Middleton is still very much known as Kate most especially the public and the press.

Obviously, for those who do not know Kate Middleton very well, they call her that. With this, some even wondered if the Duchess of Cambridge even likes to be called Kate or she prefers Catherine. Some reports also claimed that people in the palace call her Catherine.

The Duchess of Cambridge was born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton to an upper-middle-class family. The Kate Middleton is known by her friends and family in Buckleberry as Catherine even if the people and the media call her Kate.

When Kate attended St. Andrews to study art history, UK News reported that her friends called her Kate which then became her nickname. The press and the media also took advantage of this and started to call and address her as Kate until now.

Moreover, it was also reported that Kate Middleton is being called "Cath" by her brother-in-law Prince Harry. When she was asked if this confused her, she just said that she answers to most things though. It was even speculated if the name "Cath" was just a thing in the royal family.

Lastly, it was also revealed that Kate Middleton will only be called Catherine, Princess of Wales once William will become the Prince of Wales if his father takes the throne. Then the moment William becomes the king, Kate will be addressed as Her Majesty Queen Consort Catherine VI.