Prince Philip just left a private hospital in London after staying there for two nights because of an infection. The Duke of Edinburgh is already 96 years old and some were wondering if his old age is directly related to his deteriorating health.

Because of his hospitalization for two nights, Prince Philip missed two royal events. He was not able to attend the State Opening of Parliament as well as the Royal Ascot. Because of his health, royal fans were not able to catch a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth's husband.

Telegraph claimed that Prince Philip was admitted to King Edward VII hospital as a precautionary measure. It was revealed that doctors advised him to be admitted to the said hospital after becoming ill with an infection due to some existing conditions.

While some people started to feel concern about his old age, it was reported that he appeared to be in good spirits right after he was released from the hospital. Prince Charles also said that his father was already getting better. In fact, Prince Philip met with faith leaders at a Finsbury Park mosque in north London afternoon of Wednesday.

It can be recalled that Prince Philip suffered from bladder infection in the previous years and the Buckingham Palace opted not to give more details about his condition. During the opening day of Ascot, the Duke of Edinburgh was still there joining Queen Elizabeth and the other members of the royal family.

In his whole life, Mirror UK reported that Prince Philip enjoyed a good health after he recovered a blocked artery last 2011. When he suffered from bladder infection last 2012, he missed most of the activities celebrating Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee since he was admitted to the hospital.

It can also be recalled that Prince Philip already retired from his public duties jut after the summer. But Buckingham Place made an assurance that the reason as not health-related. Even if he retired already, the Duke of Edinburgh will still accompany the Queen to some royal events if he wishes too.

Moreover, despite his illness and old age, Prince Philip has been an advocate of healthy living and eating. In fact, he once shared that he is a follower of Atkins diet and that he only drinks moderately.