Kate Middleton jus emulated Princess Diana at Royal Ascot event as the Duchess of Cambridge showed off a little too much in her see-through dress. It can be recalled that Prince William's mother also flashed her legs in a sheer white skirt way back 1980.

Four decades have passed, Kate Middleton just had her "Diana moment". The wife of Prince William showed off her limbs in her see-through dress when the sun stroked behind her. She was then compared to Princess Diana, who also wore a sheer white skirt in 1980 when she was a nursery assistant.

In the year 1980, Princess Diana made a media stir when she accidentally flashed her legs in her sheer white skirt. Now, Kate Middleton emulated the mother of her husband by showing off a little of her body with her revealing ensemble at the Royal Ascot event.

In the said Royal Ascot event attended also by Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and other members of the royal family, Kate Middleton wore a bespoke Alexander McQueen lace dress. Because of this revealing ensemble, Mail Online reported that the silhouette of her limbs was displayed when the sun stroked behind her.

Some reports were claiming that Kate Middleton made heads turn because of what she wore. In fact, in every dress and outfit she wears, these are easily sold out. The Duchess of Cambridge already gained her reputation as one of the most followed fashion icons across the globe.

Princess Diana was just dating Prince Charles when that photo of hers emerged that was taken on a late summer day in September of 1980. A kindergarten assistant, the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry posed for press photos as she looked chic in a maroon sweater partnered with a lace skirt.

As she was unaware of it, Princess Diana was already showcasing her slim figure in the sheer skirt while the sun shone behind her. Then months after that controversial photo, the Buckingham Place announced her engagement to Prince Charles and was followed by a royal wedding to remember.

Amidst the high temperature which soared to 30C on that day, Kate Middleton managed to keep her cool in that white lace dress created by her favorite designer Alexander McQueen. The Royal Ascot event was a family affair for the royal family as they took part some of the activities which already became traditional as years passed.