Prince William was given a new title as "Prince of Hearts" when latest reports confirmed that he hugged a victim of the West London fire which claimed a lot of lives. The Duke of Cambridge reportedly broke the royal protocol since this gesture is not permitted for members of the royal family to do.

The Duke of Cambridge reportedly hugged a victim of the west London fire which took place last Wednesday and claimed the lives of 58 people. Kate Middleton's husband visited the crisis centre last Friday together with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

It was reported on PEOPLE that the second in line to the British throne hugged and embraced the distressed woman who happened to be looking for her husband who was trapped in the building during the fire. According to royal protocols, touching any member of the royal family is being done through handshakes and not more intimate than that.

Queen Elizabeth and her grandson Prince William paid a visit on Friday to check on the survivors of the West London fire. The two members of the royal family also met the families of the victims together with the rescue workers who got affected by the fire which swamped the Grenfell Tower.

 Apart from their royal obligations for the people of London, Prince William and the Queen went to the sports centre near the tower. It was in the said sports centre where support and aids were given to those who got affected by the fire which engulfed the Grenfell Tower in just a few minutes.

Aside from Prince William, his wife Kate Middleton and Prince Harry were also happy that the Evening Standard's Dispossessed Fund has responded instantly to give any form of support and help. It was reported that some people living in the area where the fire took place were also ardent in offering help to the victims.

Reports also circulated that Prime Minters Theresa May visited the place 48 hours after the fire broke out. This was the very reason why she was deeply criticized because of her slow response to the tragedy. Moreover, she also rejected questions which tackled on the government's accountability regarding the fire.

Recently, Prince William just joined the other members of the royal family in this year's Trooping the Colour. This is an event that celebrates the Queen's birthday and which also exhibits military parade.