Prince Harry just confessed that one point in his life, he wanted to leave the royal family but there was this reason which stopped him in doing so. According to the prince, his loyalty to Queen Elizabeth prevented him to finally quit the royal family and live as a commoner.

In one of his candid interviews with journalist Angela Levin, as reported on Mail Online, Prince Harry also shared that he really struggled during his twenties. He found it difficult to cope with his public life to the point that he already considered to renounce his royal life and privileges.

It can be recalled that Prince Harry made headline before when he was spotted several times partying hard, drinking, and smoking heavily. He then described these years of his life as total chaos and that it came to the point wherein he almost broke down on many instances.

With those struggles during his twenties, Prince Harry said that he thought of already living the royal life and lives as a commoner instead. He felt he really wanted out but there was this heavy reason why he opted to stay and remain as one of the members of Britain's royal family.

Prince Harry said that his loyalty to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth was the one which kept and urged him to stay and not to pursue what he was thinking. Moreover, the second son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana said that being members of the royal family, they use their roles and privileges for good and not as mere celebrities.

When Princess Diana met her demise in a tragic car accident in Paris, Prince Harry was just 12 years old. As this tragedy shocked the nation, Harry and his brother Prince William admitted recently that they went through mental health issues.

Moreover, those were not the only events that pushed Prince Harry to his struggles but also when he was in the Army. He likewise shared that he felt devastated when his role in the Afghanistan's Helmand Province was made public. Because of that, he was left with no choice but to withdraw from it for security reasons.

Later, Prince Harry disclosed too that being in the Army was the only escape he had during that time and he felt that he was Harry not as a prince. Now, Harry is being lauded for his royal works particularly with his efforts in helping injured servicemen and women.