North Korea was just successful in launching and testing its intermediate-range ballistic missile after several tests in the past days. With this, it was reported that the country can already conduct further advances to hit any U.S. target.

The latest reports also confirmed that Kim Jong-un. North Korea's leader was the one who supervised and administered the missile testing. After the ballistic missiles were deployed, it also paved way for the late-stage guidance of the country's warhead.

According to Reuters, North Korea just showed to every country across the globe especially the U.S. that it is ready in case there is an impending conflict or threat. This also means that the country has defied any clamor from countries to stop its missile testing programs.

It can be recalled that even its only major ally, China also condemned North Korea's missile testing programs. In fact, the U.S. even requested China to pressure North Korea just to stop its nuclear testing programs. Lately, China's President Xi Jinping even had a meeting with the newly elected president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in to discuss the matter.

But despite these disagreements and conflicts, North Korea was firm in telling that the weapons are necessary for legitimate self-defense. Prior to this intermediate range ballistic missile, North Korea already conducted ballistic missile test just last week.

Meanwhile, CNBC reported that North Korea's official mentioned the accuracy of the rate of hits of their missile testing. Because of this, it was concluded that the Pukguksong-2, the name of the missile was a successful strategic weapon.

Apart from being used for security purposes, Kim Jong-un said that the missile was very beneficial when viewing the images of the Earth being sent real-time. He then shared that the viewing of the Earth gave him a grand and different feeling using the missile that they launched.

Previous reports already confirmed that North Korea will not be swayed and influenced by any country when it comes to dealing with their national security and weapons testing. However, like what the U.S. government was claiming before, the utmost concern is the peace and security in the Korean peninsula.