Latest reports suggested that China has been doing well in terms of its retail sales and industrial production. With it, it has been claimed that the retail sales increased to 10.7 percent in April while industrial production rose to 6.5 percent.

With the latest data that came from the National Bureau of Statistics, China has been progressing in its economy and the two factors were good indicators. In the first four months of the year alone, its retail sales rose 10.2 percent.

Meanwhile, Business Standard reported that China was able to generate 6.5 percent in terms of its industrial production which was 0.5 points increase compared to last month. As to the increase, it has been reported too that steel and infrastructure-related sectors and even the construction are the ones which contributed a lot.

Apart from the steel and infrastructure-related businesses, most of the increase also came from the state-owned enterprises which were able to contribute 5.6 percent last April. Moreover, Asia News Network claimed that the privately-owned companies increased by 6.9 percent while those same businesses managed by foreign investors contributed 5.5 percent.

Amidst the ongoing tension with North Korea in terms of the missile-testing programs and launching, China is still making sure that it will not disregard programs that pertain to its economy. It was once reported that the country is pressuring North Korea to stop its missile testing by halting the importation of crude oil.

However, some experts were telling that if China will make the said move, it will also be affected since its economy is also depending on the exportation and importation of products as well as trade. Looking into the possibility, China knows what to do for sure as the country has long been known as being independent.

Further, it was also claimed that the big companies and businesses with an annual turnover of 20 million yuan also contributed to the increase in the industrial production. Indeed, China has been looking for ways and creating policies that could best address its economic needs.