North Korea just had a successful missile test-launch and because of this, experts were telling that this will pave the way for the development of global ballistic missile. This can also give an opportunity for the country to come up with an enhanced performance key targeting the U.S.

It was also reported that North Korea has been working on a long-range missile which can reach the U.S. If indeed the country is developing something like this, Reuters reported that it will require them to come up with a missile that could travel a distance of 8, 000 km or equivalent to 4, 800 miles.

It can be recalled that North Korea is firm with its program to continue with its missile and nuclear testing amidst tension with U.S. and other countries. Moreover, the United Nations also asked China to press sanctions on North Korea in order to stop its nuclear programs.

Last Sunday, North Korea was able to launch its ballistic missile which was named Hwasong-12. The said missile flew at the highest angle to ensure that no country will be affected with its launching. It was reported that Hwasong-12 had a trajectory of an altitude of 2, 111.5 km or 1, 312 miles.

Because of its recorded trajectory, this means that the missile was able to reach a very high altitude which was beyond the lateral distance a missile should travel. Because of this, the experts were quick to conclude that North Korea can show a level of performance which was never seen before.

Apart from this, it was also concluded according to CNBC that North Korea will be able to launch a missile that can strike and reach the U.S. base at Guam. With this, the country is well ready to develop a global ballistic missile.

With its latest missile launching last Sunday, it was reported that North Korea can successfully launch long-range rockets which will be able to send objects into the outer space. Further, the country will be able to carry big and weighty nuclear warhead.