China's President Xi Jinping met the newly-sworn South Korean President Moon Jae-in to discuss the current crisis in North Korea regarding the ongoing nuclear testing. This took place amidst the previous conflicts which resulted in the deployment of THAAD in South Korea which China condemns.

Latest reports were telling that Xi was able to talk with Moon reading on how the two countries will influence North Korea to stop its missile testing. It can be recalled that North Korea is said to be conducting its sixth missile testing soon.

China has always upheld and supported the denuclearization of North Korea and even attempted to cut its economic ties with the country once the latter will continue with its testing programs. According to U.S. News, Xi saw the opportunity to talk with Moon Jae-in for them to devise ways on how to address the crisis in North Korea.

With this, it only shows that China is extremely interested in talking with other countries in order to deal the problem with North Korea. As the two Asian leaders talked about the possibility of collaborating with each other, China is making sure that it will help to keep peace and prosperity in the Korean peninsula.

Reports were rife that North Korea has been depending on China in terms of its economy and trades. That's why President Xi was able to see the possibility to pressure North Korea by halting the importation of its crude oil.

Moreover, prior to the meeting of China's Xi and South Korean's Moon Jae-in, China already signed an agreement with the United Nations to impose tough sanctions against Pyongyang, North Korea. CNBC reported that this is the only way which UN deemed as necessary in order for North Korea to stop its missile testing.

However, the issue on the deployment of THAAD by U.S. in South Korea was first disregarded as China is somewhat more interested in securing peace in the Korean peninsula. With this, China is hoping that South Korea will really collaborate with them to promote the healthy development of partnerships.