North Korea reportedly detained four American citizens and recently, it just gave the reasons why they have the right to impose punishment on these accused Americans. It was reported that the East Asian country will ruthlessly punish these Americans who were accused of committing crimes against the government.

Latest reports confirmed that North Korea is preparing to punish the four Americans who were accused of committing acts against the government. It was also added that anytime, the country can just impose any punishment the country deemed is fitting to impose.

According to The Sun, North Korea would soon announce the crimes that these four Americans were convicted of once everything is ready. Recently, the country just announced that it detained a fourth American making it four American citizens it is holding.

It can be recalled that North Korea already detained one American citizen who was also a professor at one of the popular universities in Pyongyang. It has been reported that the citizen has been accused of committing a hostile act which is really against the government. The authorities mentioned that the professor was about to leave the country when they got hold of him.

Meanwhile, it was claimed that the U.S. government is putting concentration and is prioritizing the security of its citizens. That's why if the news reaches them that four American citizens are currently detained, U.S. government will work with the Swedish embassy in Pyongyang right away.

According to Express, this report came out while Kim Jong-un just threatened war with U.S. President Donald Trump. In fact, China just signed a deal with the United Nations in order for the former to impose sanctions to further pressure North Korea regarding tits nuclear testing programs.

With this report, the conflict between the U.S. and North Korea is growing after the former strongly condemned the latter's nuclear testing programs. The U.S. government has been seeking for a way in order to influence North Korea to stop its missile testing and to eventually achieve peace and security in the Korean peninsula.