Prince William promoted the mental health with Lady Gaga when a video clip was released that featured the two in a video call. This led people thinking that his wife Kate Middleton has been left out as she was not even included in the video even if she is also an advocate of the said campaign.

In the said video clip which was further shared on the social media pages of the royal family, Prince William praised the singer on her open letter. The letter contained Lady Gaga's experience regarding how she dealt with post-traumatic stress. She further said that she long kept this struggle as she felt ashamed to admit to mental health illness as per CNN.

Prince William also said in the video call that it is really important to talk about mental health. Many people are also affected which are sometimes caused by addiction or homelessness. With this, he then went on sharing that this is a very important charity in which he, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry are working on.

Lady Gaga also confessed that sometimes she would wake up felling sad or tired. Then Prince William answered by saying that it is really necessary for people to talk about mental health especially the young people. It can be recalled that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have spearheaded a campaign to dismiss the humiliation that often comes with mental health. With this, it seems like they are still looking for more celebrities to help them on this campaign.

But a lot of royal observers have noticed that Kate Middleton was not even included in the said video clip. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge has been doing a lot of public appearances as well as royal engagements to promote mental health awareness. Kate would surely love to share the spotlight with celebrities.

Whatever is the reason, what matters here more is that Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are actively engaged in the promotion of mental health campaign since then. Moreover, William also invited Lady Gaga to take part in Heads Together project with him.