Prince William will not be pleased after knowing that Queen Elizabeth has contradicted his stance and position with regards to wildlife preservation. It can be recalled that the Duke of Cambridge is a huge wildlife campaigner but it looks like he will be embarrassed knowing his grandmother is contradicting his stance.

New reports are indicating that Queen Elizabeth is planning to display controversial ivory artifacts in a reported new exhibition at her Sandringham has been reported that these artifacts were gifted to the royal family by Indian nobility during the 19th and 20th century. And apparently, the Queen wants these things to be included in the special exhibition which is also to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Indian independence.

But for Prince William, he would rather want these artifacts to be destroyed as per Daily Mail. Moreover he just called for a total ban of ivory products whether these items hold historic importance or not. It looks like he and Queen Elizabeth will be having a hard time dealing with each other in terms of this issue.

But the last things Prince William would want to happen is to have an epic fight with Queen Elizabeth. After his embarrassing video during his ski-trip with his close friends in Switzerland, he cannot afford to have an argument with any member of the royal family this time not with Queen Elizabeth. Many royal critics are saying that perhaps the Duke of Cambridge may be acting difficult behind closed doors more so that Kate Middleton recently has been the only one doing royal works and engagements.

But Prince William should also consider that Queen Elizabeth will never allow someone to get in her way whenever she does or decides on something. It can be recalled that the Queen scolded William during the Trooping the Color Ceremony in London last 2016. That was too humiliating for the prince and with this, he won't afford to engage in a war of word with his grandmother.

Even if Prince William will never interfere in the decision of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, there's a good chance that he will feel very upset over her decision to display the said artifacts. Definitely, Kate Middleton would not also allow that to happen.