Prince Charles is reportedly displeased with Prince William and Kate Middleton's attitude when it comes to how they deal with their royal duties. It has been said in the latest report that the next heir to the throne is not that happy with how the royal couple is dealing with their royal engagements.

In one of the Prince Charles biographies written by Sally Smith, it has been claimed there that Charles is quite agitated on Prince William and Kate Middleton's lazy attitude towards their royal obligations. Smith mentioned in this biography that Charles is a little bit upset that the royal couple is treating their trip overseas as personal vacations.

In this book, details were revealed that Prince Charles was infuriated when the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge went to Canada for their first trip overseas last 2011 after their wedding. What made Charles mad was that Prince William and Kate Middleton acted like celebrities with their several photo ops. Instead of getting serious with their work, the two were like on their extended honeymoon as per Fortune. Moreover, Kate has been slammed too that her mere job was to pose for photos when she appears to the public.

But some royal critics know that every trip and royal engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton also involve a lot of photo ops. But it looks like it the issue does not end there since the royal couple seemed to be doing nothing more that smiling and waving to the public and to the photographers as per Daily Telegraph. It is no doubt that Prince Charles slammed the two for their attitude.

But it should be taken that this is nothing new to Prince William and Kate Middleton. The two were considered as the laziest royals among the members of the royal family since they prefer to have their personal vacation trips rather than to attend to their royal duties. It can be recalled that the two were absent during the Commonwealth Day Services at Westminster Abbey. It looks like Prince Charles is trying to reprimand these tow royals.