Pippa Middleton's wedding with James Matthews is fast approaching but it has been reported that she is going through the guest list of her wedding day. Some reports are claiming that she is still thinking to invite Vogue Williams and Prince Harry's girlfriend, Meghan Markle.

It can be recalled that when Pippa Middleton played the bridesmaid at Kate Middleton's wedding, she almost outshone her sister on that day. That's why, it looks like she is getting a taste of all those things by getting worried that some of the guests that are included in the list will also outshine her on her day.

And according to some reports, Pippa Middleton banned Vogue Williams from her wedding which happens to be the girlfriend of the brother of James Matthews. There is no doubt that Kate Middleton is starting to see the irony in Pippa's case.

Pippa Middleton will already tie the knot with James Matthews days from now but she doesn't want to invite Williams. Perhaps she has this feeling that Williams, a model and who is more attractive than her will steal the spotlight from her. Apart from Vogue Williams, reports as claimed by The Daily Beast are also swirling that Pippa has no plans of inviting Meghan Markle even if she is Prince Harry's significant other. This is for the reason that the actress will simply steal the attention and spotlight from her.

Pippa Middleton is simply worried that Meghan Markle and Vogue Williams will outshine her in her own wedding day. However, some were left displeased by her decision most especially the other members in the inner circle. They were unhappy with this turn of events and it simply raised their eyebrows. Some were shocked since Williams is the girlfriend of her future brother-in-law and she will not be attending the event with him as per Daily Mail.

But Pippa Middleton exactly knows what it takes to steal the spotlight from the bride at her own wedding just like what she did with her sister Kate Middleton. With that, it will really be an irony that she is really concerned about someone else like Meghan Markle and Vogue Williams doing the same thing on her wedding day.