Prince Harry reportedly wants to bring Meghan Markle with him during his trip in Lesotho, Africa later this year. With this report, some sources were claiming that the prince might already propose to her during that special and romantic getaway.

According to some reports, Prince Harry is planning to have a special trip to Lesotho this October and he wants to have Meghan Markle on his side during that trip. With this, he is planning to bring her also and this excites the fans of the couple. The people were wondering if Harry is also planning and looking forward to pop the question there.

As prince Harry is preparing to visit his charity projects in Africa, some royal observers can't help but wonder if this trip will also include Meghan Markle as per Express UK. But if this trip is an official royal engagement then there is a possibility that he needs to ask the permission of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth first if he could bring his girlfriend with him. Besides, if things are already serious between the two then there might be a chance that this will happen.

It can be recalled that Prince Harry's brother, prince William also took Kate Middleton with him in Kenya wherein he also took the chance to propose to her way back 2010. And months after that, people have witnessed one of the most glamorous royal weddings in this generation. Perhaps Prince Harry got an idea as well as an inspiration from his brother that's why he is also planning to bring Meghan Markle there.

But some are still uncertain of a royal engagement could happen anytime soon since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have only been dating for a little over a year. Maybe the two are taking their time knowing each other more this time despite proofs that they are very much in love.

Prince Harry might be taking his sweet time before proposing to Meghan Markle. But for sure, some of his fans would love to see and witness another royal wedding to happen soon.