Kate Middleton is said to be helping her sister Pippa Middleton while the latter is preparing for her much-anticipated wedding with James Matthews. It can be recalled that the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted leaving her sister's home in London just last week.

Pippa Middleton is already feeling the wedding jitters and her sister Kate Middleton is making sure that she is with her as they go through the preparation. Since Pippa wants her special day to be as perfect as possible, she wants to make sure that everything will go as planned.

According to E! News, the Duchess of Cambridge has been reported to be spending more time in London so she is just within her sister's reach. It has been reported before that Kate will play a special role in her sister's wedding and it looks like Kate Middleton is already starting to play that role. The reports also added that Pippa Middleton just enlisted her sister for help before she ends up having a nervous breakdown prior to her wedding with James Matthews.

Moreover, some also claimed that apart from Kate Middleton, her two children will also play significant roles in the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews. Prince George is reportedly playing the page boy while Princess Charlotte will be the bridesmaid. Until now, reports have confirmed that.

Form the wedding ceremony to the guest list and to the reception, Pippa Middleton is definitely experiencing the wedding jitter that's why she has to have all the help she needs before the much anticipated day. Kate Middleton's sister wants to make sure that nothing will go wrong and this is the very reason why she is planning every detail of her wedding to perfection.

Lately, it has been reported too that Pippa Middleton actually removed Meghan Markle and Vogue Williams from the guest list for some personal reasons. Further, even if Kate Middleton made it clear before that she doesn't want to get involved with her sister's wedding, she actually changed her mind as Pippa is dealing with major wedding jitters.